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I have to find her.

I'm the strongest man I know, and yet…
You can tame me, with
A blink of your eyes,
A smile to me,
A declaration of my name,
For that, I give you my potency.

She stood in the maze of a crowd.

I'm the smartest being I am aware of.
Certain of the facts,
Believer of many things…
Creditor, judge, writer, explorer,
Researcher, thinker. But you...
Are the mystery that makes the most sense to me.
For that, I give you my attention.

A million thoughts running through his head.

I'm the most honest guy I've ever met.
That's not to say I've never told a lie,
But you know me… I never let myself
Get away with it.
Does it matter? My word is not enough for you.
Your ears listen like mine,
Actions speak louder than words.
For that, I give you my empathy.

Her eyes met his.

I think I'm the only man alive…
Who knows how to love,
Or is even capable of it
In every way a man can love.
Perhaps that's why you doubted
My three little words at first.
People use them all the time, but the
Meaning is lost to many of us.
At least you understand me.
For that, I give you my ego.

He knew nothing could stop them now.

I'm the most ambitious man I know.
Certainly not the most talented,
Or perfect with my school grades.
I came to college wanting to major
In nine different studies.
But all the knowledge in the world
Could not keep me away from you…
My favorite subject.
For that, I give you my future.

Am I ready for this?

I'm the most independent man I know.
At work, I'll be flipping burgers for another guy's paycheck,
Or at school, I won't stop a man from cheating off my paper.
And when I'm alone, I can keep to my studies,
Relax to music, read a good book, travel when I have the time…
Think about all my achievements… in silence.
What good is exploring the world without
Another mind by my side?
My favorite thinker!
For that, I give you my need.

She stood there before him, in all her grace.

Tell me that you get the feeling of sunshine on your face
When you see me smile.
Promise me we'll dance in the rain
Since nobody else is taking the advantage.
Come to me when you are scared,
I'll fight off the bad guys, whoever they are.
You won't even know they're there…
Once you let me become
Your entire world.

He smiled and looked into her eyes.

Many a time I have come to losing you…
Do you feel the same for me?
Do you need me like I need you?
Can you live with me? Can you even stand me?
Will you take me away and make me a part of your life?
All I can do is hope, like you said…
Hope, and know when it's obvious,
When it's left unsaid…
But even if that nightmare should come true…
Even if I should lose you…
Even if you can't answer my questions…
All I need is the air that I breathe
Just to love you.

Marry me before I lose you again!
12:56 AM

For Haley.

To my long-time fans, yes, I have indeed incorporated some of the lines from "Re-Encounter" into this poem. ([link]) I can't say I know why I chose to do that... I just didn't think this piece could be complete without them.

Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.
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Enigmatic-Infelicity Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I LOVE IT! I can relate to this so much! It is so well written and beautiful as always Chris, you talented man :D. Hayley is one VERY lucky girl :). X
Ferelwing Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
This is very beautiful! :huggle: Love it!
DavidTarr Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012
Thank you lots! :)
Ferelwing Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
:huggle: You're welcome hon!
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